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Quality newbuild window solutions

Building Product Solutions has perhaps done more than any other company to make the work of the New Build industry easier. Many have long been aware of the skills shortage within the industry, something the majority of suppliers have tended to regard as not their problem.

Building Product Solutions has taken the initiative and designed the cavity closers to be a de-skilled product and as easy and trouble-free to fit as possible. The 70mm system employed in the new cavity closer has all the benefits of the old closer: it is four sided, fully welded, has a ventilated head and will still be delivered in five working days to a dedicated site delivery day. The closer benefits from all the multi-chamber advantages, plus some new feature innovations.

Energy efficient windows can reduce the carbon footprint of a typical home by 10%. The government (download our buildng codes timeline pdf) has bombarded the industry with new initiatives and directives all aimed to reduce carbon footprints. A significant issue unique to windows is that U-values are no longer the critical factor. As windows allow the inward transmission of energy, the energy rating is key.


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